CCMG Wyong Courtesy Bus Schedule

Departure Times – Morning Schedule

8:00am – Tuggerah/Westfield Southern Run (Include Wadalba School)
8:45am – Hospital/Wadalba Northern Run
9:30am – Tuggerah/Westfield Southern Run
10:30am – Tuggera/Westfield Southern Run

Hospital Run prior to 8am for workers/Wadalba Northern Run – after 8:45 and before 11 if requested – if bus is out or delayed, secondary vehicle may be arranged, please note on RO.

Departure Times – Afternoon Schedule

12:15pm – Hospital/Wadalba
1:00pm – Tuggerah/Westfield 
2:30pm – Tuggerah/Westfield
3:30pm – Hospital/Wadalba

  • In the interest of assisting as many customers as possible, a 6km radius has been set to ensure we can adhere to the above timetable as closely as possible.
  • When booking, please understand these departure times will be strictly enforced so as not to inconvenience those needing this service. If you are late, every effort will be made to assist but timing is not guaranteed
  • Up to 10 passengers can be catered for during any trip. The route will be determined by the driver based upon where the majority of passengers are headed. In the rare event that there is more passengers than seats for any 1 trip, we will make every effort to accommodate as quickly as possible but your understanding is appreciated
  • Please ensure you leave your name, registration & daytime contact phone number with the driver so he is able to communicate with you as required